There are many things that make Parma an amazing, beautiful and hedonistic town: music, art, culture, gastronomy, livability... Parma can be defined as a perfect and people-friendly town, thanks to its countless artistic aspects that you can visit during a weekend. The historic heart of the city is a jump back into the past, that you can enjoy with a pleasant walk in the city center. In Italy, Parma is known to be very attached to their cultural traditions and their own history: today we can see the evidence of its glorious medieval and renaissance past in artistic and architectural works of great importance and prestige, including the paintings of Correggio, the Duomo, the Baptistery and the many castles in the province. Rich in art and culture, Parma is famous throughout Europe for its Teatro Regio and its lyric tradition thanks to Giuseppe Verdi, but also for its University, one of the most ancient in Italy, and for its great culinary tradition: no need to mention its excellent hams and its famous Parmesan cheese. Its great European tradition, its cultural stature and its refined gastronomic tradition make Parma one of the most famous Italian city in the world.

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